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Climate Change to Unleash Natural Disasters of Biblical Proportions by 2095

20th November 2018
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27th November 2018

A new study reveals the countries expected to face numerous climate hazards as a result of global warming

T oday’s blog focuses on a worrying report in the British newspaper, Metro, which suggests that society faces a far higher risk from climate change than previously thought..

According to the report, researchers found 467 ways that greenhouse gas emissions can affect us. Rising temperatures, they warn, places us at a greater risk of natural disasters like fires, floods and hurricanes.

A worrying suggestion, indeed.

The report cites findings by experts at the University of Hawaii in Manoa who believe that New York, for instance, could experience up to four climate hazards by the year 2100 unless greenhouse gases are reduced.

T hese could include drought, wildfire (see previous post, here), storms and heatwaves. Evaporating water from the oceans, meanwhile, could increase wind speed and hurricanes.

Sydney, Australia, and Los Angeles, US, will face three concurrent climate hazards, while Mexico City could face as many as four. The UK itself faces threats of increased warming and drought by 2095.

The threats are contained in an interactive map, which forms part of the study by 23 scientists. It concludes, “Overall, our analysis shows that ongoing climate change will pose a heightened threat to humanity that will be greatly aggravated if substantial and timely reductions of greenhouse gas emissions are not achieved”.

Lead author Associate Professor Camilo Mora added: “Further, we predict that by 2100 the number of hazards occurring concurrently will increase, making it even more difficult for people to cope.”

Dawn Wright, ESRI Chief Scientist said: “The study is a compelling review of how climate change is literally redrawing lines on the map, clearly showing the threats that our world faces at every level. ‘The maps and data hammer home how much danger humanity truly faces, and the need for immediate action.”

The news is not good, clearly. But studies such as this one offers hope. We can only safeguard mankind after first predicting the future. And after predicting the future, we can – as a global society – take proactive steps to ensure that fate never occurs. We can all start by reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions.